10 good foods for the brain that will help you protect it

Good foods for the brain

Today we are dealing with a topic that we should not leave aside, and that is that sometimes we forget that an organ of vital importance in our bodies: the brain. But How is the brain fed? Can we nurture it? Is there a diet to tune it up? Can we avoid diseases by feeding him properly? Take note because in this article we give you some general keys that you cannot miss, and we reveal ten good foods for the brain that will help you protect it. Nutrition is a fundamental part of preventing diseases that affect the brain. Therefore, feeding your brain in a healthy way can make a difference when it comes to having a good memory and thus enjoying a healthy and balanced mental state. Eating these foods that we detail below, will not mean any sacrifice, since in addition to healthy foods they are delicious and versatile when incorporating them into our daily diet.

Brain Food: మీ బ్రెయిన్ ను సూపర్ స్మార్ట్ చేసే ఫుడ్స్ ఇవే.. మీ డైట్ లో తప్పనిసరిగా వీటిని చేర్చుకోండి | Best food for healthy brain, list of items that must be in your kitchen |

Fundamental aspects of brain nutrition:

The human brain represents about 2% of our body weight. And yet, it needs to capture approximately 20% of the energy we use to function optimally. Its glucose demand is very high, for which it needs to monopolize up to 50% of the energy extracted from the carbohydrates we consume daily. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B, C and E, antioxidants, flavonoids, choline and tryptophan, among others, are elements that stimulate and promote brain performance. As well as the production of neurotransmitters . And it is that neurotransmitters are in charge of passing information from one neuron to another, which is why they are of great importance, also influencing, in turn, positively cognitive abilities.

List of good foods for the brain, 10 good foods for the brain that will help you protect it.

Let us now see the list of healthy foods for the brain:

1- Blue fish: the sea at the service of your mind

Tuna, swordfish, bonito, sardines, mackerel, anchovies or salmon are some of the oily fish that should be part of the daily diet to improve brain performance thanks to its high content of Omega fatty acids. 3. Although, remember that large oily fish such as swordfish or tuna are not recommended to be consumed daily due to their high concentration of heavy metals.

2- Extra virgin olive oil: the liquid gold of the olive

Currently, there are studies that have discovered that it is a fundamental ingredient for the proper functioning of the brain, both to protect it from cognitive deterioration and to maintain its neural connections in good condition.

3- Oats: the healthiest cereal

another of the foods that should not be missing from our shopping list. We are facing a good balancer of our nervous system, in addition to having vitamin B1, it has properties that favor concentration and intellectual performance. As if that were not enough, it also has anxiolytic properties and is perfect for combating stress.

4- Broccoli: the powerful vegetable

One of the favorite foods on the “recommended for…” lists is that we are facing a super food from head to toe. Full of antioxidants that provide us with folates, folic acid, for memory, for example.

5- Red fruits (berries of the forest): fruits to the rescue of neurons

very nutritious fruits that contain a powerful antioxidant. Blueberries, blackberries, currants, strawberries, blackberries… are a source of polyphenols, essential to combat oxidative stress.

6- Black cocoa: rich also helps you take care of yourself

Listen to the rich chocolate, it is estimated that taking an ounce of more than 70% cocoa is a good ally in the production of endorphins, improving our mood. And there is nothing that a good chocolate does not cure, right? We are also facing a great antioxidant that also contains group B vitamins, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. What I told you!

7- Green tea: the best infusion to take care of body and mind

Taken as an infusion, it is a natural tea that is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants. It also acts against nervousness and anxiolytic powers are attributed to it since it provides us with dopamine, an essential substance for the brain that helps us relax more easily.

8- Eggs: an ingredient to enhance memory

Thanks, as we saw above, to its choline content, which belongs to group B vitamins, the egg is capable of improving attention span and long-term memory.

9- Walnuts: the brain dry fruit

Due to its high phosphorus content, walnuts become the most effective nuts when it comes to intellectual performance. Fantastic for our memory.

10- Turmeric (curcumin):

That magical golden dust that brings us so many wonders. It has been shown to be able to increase memory and stimulate the production of new brain cells. They have also found that it can help restore brain function in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and stroke.

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