10 tips to prevent cancer in your day to day

5 Easy Ways To Help Prevent Cancer | UPMC HealthBeat

The Catalan Institute of Oncology has published ten tips to prevent cancer on a daily basis, based on the European code for cancer prevention. It may seem to you that they are obvious advice (and they are), they are the ones that science supports 100% and they are all within our reach. It does not make sense to support other measures and “strange fashions” without first internalizing well and applying the following ones. With the knowledge that we currently have about the causes of cancer , we already have the opportunity to prevent a good proportion of them (more than 40%). We’re not going to waste it, are we?

5 Easy Ways To Help Prevent Cancer | UPMC HealthBeat

How to easily prevent cancer in our day to day?

  1. Following a healthy and varied diet. Those who consume more fruits and vegetables have mortality rates of up to 30% less than those who consume few. It has been seen that a diet rich in vegetables protects against types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes, among others. It is recommended:
    • Minimum 5 servings of fruit and vegetablesa day, including legumes.
    • Consume whole grain products (integral), instead of refined products.
    • Minimize the consumption of meat, especially red and processed.
    • Avoid sugary drinks , processedfood , or with a high salt content.
  2. Practicing physical exercise every day. Physical exercise is aprotective factor against some cancers such as colon cancer. 30 minutes daily, or 60 for children . To incorporate it into the daily routine, some options may be:
  • Walk for half an hour at a brisk pace.
  • Get off a few stops before the metro or bus and do the rest of the journey on foot (not suitable for latecomers).
  • Get around by bike.
  • Practice sports such as swimming, running, paddle tennis or any other.
  • And above all, even if it is very comfortable, avoid sittingall the time.
  1. Vaccinating ourselves, and vaccinating our children. It is very important to be up-to-date with the vaccines that we receive. For example, the vaccine to protect us from hepatitis B (in newborns, or later if we do not carry it), and the papilloma , since both infections can cause cancer. These vaccines have a high safety
  2. Doing tests for early detection of cancer. In certain cancers it is crucial that it is detected as soon as possible. For example:
  • Mammographyfrom 50 to 69 years for breast cancer.
  • Cytologyor HPV test every 3-5 years for cervical cancer .
  • Fecal occult bloodtest ages 50 to 69 for colon cancer .
  1. If you are a woman:If you can, try to breastfeed your children as it reduces your cancer risk. Consult your doctor carefully before taking hormone replacement therapy as it has been associated with the risk of some cancers.
  2. Avoiding tobacco. It is well known that smoking gives rise to many cancers and other diseases. So why do we continue to practice such a harmful habit? Once you start it is very difficult to get out of there because nicotine is very addictive. For those who start or smoke just to socialize, I will only say  this   For heavy smokers, know that tobacco is the  major cause  of cancer and many other diseases, including sexual impotence and damage to the fetus of pregnant women. There are different ways to  If you have already quit, find here 5 tricks to avoid relapses. It is also important to avoid places with smoke: it is dangerous for your health and that of those around you.
  3. Limiting alcohol consumption. Alcoholicbeverages increase the risk of various cancers , especially of the head and neck , esophagus , and liver, but also breast and colon . Better moderate consumption to 1 drink (if you are a woman) or 2 (if you are a man) maximum per day. Although the best thing for cancer would be not to drink at all.
  4. Avoiding excess weight. If we follow tips 1 and 2, it should be easier to get this one. Here you can consult some tricks to lose weight . It is advisable to moderate the intake of calories and eliminate foods with a lot of fat, especially of animal origin .
  5. Protecting us from the sun. This is very important especially in the first years of life. Childhood burns will mirror adult skin cancer. Protect yourselves with sunscreen and avoiding the hours of maximum solar intensity, and if you have children, protect them and help them have a future without skin cancer.
  6. Protecting ourselves at work from any harmful substance. Request in writing to the occupational risk prevention service if your company uses any carcinogenic agent and what are the measures you must take , and the company must provide you with all the material and logistics to be able to take these measures. Always follow protective measures, and never mix work clothes and normal clothes in the washing machine. Check here the 8 most frequent carcinogens at work. About radon , we leave you this entry with more detail.

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