Analysis of Forspoken, an epic with lights and shadows in the colossal


Early tests to check how certain video games are have their positive and negative part , especially if you participate in more than one. On the one hand, they help you to get first impressions of what is to come, but also to realize what your weak points are in the event that these are maintained and are not corrected over time. The same could be said to be what happened to me with Forspoken , because the second time I tried it a couple of months ago it gave me better feelings compared to the first contact , but there were certain details that kept grating a bit. . Despite this, it left me wanting to discover what else the new from Luminous Productions and Square Enix could offer me. After giving the final version a good shot, I can anticipate that you will be very careful with this action RPG because it is going to give a lot to talk about, for better or for worse, but for now I can tell you that it is far from what was seen. in his controversial demo from a few weeks ago.


A heroine by force in a ruthless world

The protagonist of this odyssey is Frey Holland , a girl who lives alone in New York with her cat. Her life is not the most exemplary of all, because unfortunately for her she was abandoned when she was just a baby and over the years she has not stopped going through foster homes and getting into somewhat shady trouble. So until one day a portal opens before her and leads her to the mysterious fantasy world of Athia.

At that moment, our heroine’s life takes a 180º turn when she finds herself in a place with vast landscapes and equipped on her arm with a talking bracelet that she names Cepo. From there, she will try to find a way to return to her house, but in reality, Athia, she hides darker secrets than she could imagine, because this world is threatened by the so-called Tear. For some reason Frey is immune to this rampaging phenomenon, transforming animals into wild beasts and humans into zombies, but the landscapes have also suffered from its effects. As if that wasn’t enough, the world was peacefully ruled by the Thantas, a group of powerful sorceresses whose minds have been corrupted for some reason and now only seek to destroy their respective kingdoms. Basically that is the main plot of Forspoken , an adventure on which it must be recognized that at the plot level it suffers some ups and downs. The first hours when you begin to discover these details and others, it begins to charge more interest until little by little it fades away, but luckily in the final stretch it manages to rise again. In any case, it is not that the plot is the best we have seen due to the fact that sometimes it is so relegated to the background, despite certain twists that are what make it stand out more.

Magic and parkour there and there

Something I’ve talked about before is that our protagonist has the ability to cast brutal spells that are essential to break through the world of Athia and crush the deadly creatures that inhabit everywhere. At first he only has a few magic, but little by little a wide arsenal is unlocked to shred any enemy and in the most varied ways. All these magics are divided into two groups: attack and support . In the case of the former, they are the ones that are constantly used to crush anyone who gets in our way. That’s how first you can throw rocks, generate a shield with them and also launch a burst like a submachine gun, but little by little you can get others with more effects. Still, this is all just holding down the attack button, because you can also cast basic spells which is what you use most of the time in the end. For their part, support magic specializes above all in causing altered states, be it poisoning, stealing life, entangling enemies in the ground, etc., although in these cases they cannot be used whenever we want and need a period of time. reload or use the main attack spells to reduce that wait a little more. Likewise, it will also serve to unleash the most bestial spells of the entire repertoire with which fields of pointed roots or walls of fire will be generated in the surroundings, for example, capable of causing real havoc.

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