Benefits of Google Pay as an electronic payment method

Google Pay

What is Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment method via mobile or web created by Google that also allows you to make payments in some traditional establishments. The main function of Google Pay is to make payments through Android mobile phones using NFC wireless technology . With the passage of time, Google Pay has been expanding its functions , and in addition to being able to buy in the Google store itself or make payments through smartphones, it can also be used to add boarding passes, vouchers and online coupons or credit cards. member clubs and payments in online stores , among others. More and more e-commerce are adding Google Pay as an online payment method for their customers. This payment method is supported by Google, which is a guarantee of security and quality for users, who will feel more confident in paying for their purchases using this payment tool from the internet giant.

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How Google Pay works

Google Pay works in a similar way to a card, bringing the mobile phone closer to the dataphone in a traditional store (the device must be compatible with Google Pay). All the exchange of information that is carried out when paying with Google Pay is encrypted, guaranteeing privacy (no one will have access to the information) and integrity (the information will not be modified). In an online store , Google Pay is activated as one of the payment options for customers, who must enter their username and password to make the payment, as well as a double check (validating the payment through their mobile phone).

Is Google Pay safe to make online payments?

Google Pay is one of the most secure payment systems in existence, as it requires compliance with the strong authentication requirements of PSD2 , known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This system forces banks to carry out additional checks in order to validate that the buyer’s identity is correct.

How to use Google Pay

Implementing Google Pay in an e-commerce is very simple and can be fully operational in just a few days. It is necessary to request registration in the service and include a few lines of code on the site to configure Google Pay and integrate the necessary APIs. After a trial period to verify that payments can be made in the online store , the service is activated, remaining from that moment available for users to pay for their purchases.

Pros and cons of Google Pay for an e-commerce

It is a good decision for all companies or entrepreneurs that have an online store to include Google Pay among their different payment methods. This platform is becoming better known and used worldwide, presenting itself as a reliable alternative when making payments online. Let’s see what are the strengths of Google Pay for an e-commerce and also what disadvantages it can present.

What are the benefits of Google Pay?

The popularity of Google Pay when it comes to making online payments is due to the large number of benefits it offers, both for the users themselves and for online businesses .

» High level of security

Google is one of the companies globally that invests the most in cybersecurity, so Google Pay has the latest technologies (encryption and tokens ) that guarantee the security of the data that is exchanged in an online payment process. With Google Pay, payments are made within a highly secure environment where the information always remains protected upon delivery. Even if an unauthorized third party were to obtain that data, they would not be able to access your content.

» Speed ​​and ease of use

Like everything related to Google, ease of use and speed are two of the main characteristics of Google Pay . Both when paying in an online store , and when doing it through a dataphone in a physical store, the process is really simple and fast, much more than with other online or virtual payment methods.

» Payment in physical store, web and app

With Google Pay, the user can pay at any of the company’s points of sale, both in a traditional physical store , as well as through an e-commerce , or even through a mobile app. In this way, Google Pay offers a comprehensive payment system through which customers can quickly, easily and securely pay for their purchases, regardless of the channel they use to do so (in person, online or through their mobile phones).

» Loyalty programs

Google Pay allows e-commerce to implement reward systems for users who make their payments through this method . It is an ideal tool for customer loyalty, and a great claim to attract new users due to this type of benefit.

» Increase sales

Millions of people use Google Pay worldwide, so the online store will be able to reach all these users so that they can comfortably purchase and pay for the products or services they offer.

What are the drawbacks of using Google Pay

Despite the fact that Google Pay is one of the most attractive forms of payment that can currently be implemented in a virtual store, it is important to know some cons that it has:

  • Banks adhered to the service . Although there are many credit institutions and banks that are compatible with Google Pay, the number of them is still less than that of other virtual payment alternatives.
  • Payments between individuals . In Spain, the payment option between individuals is not active, although this does not affect the service offered by an online store .
  • Acceptance . Although Google Pay has a large number of users worldwide, this payment method is still not one of the most popular in Spain, so fewer users use it.
  • Reliance on NFC technology . To make face-to-face payments with your mobile phone, it is essential that the terminal has NFC wireless data transfer technology.

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