Company of Heroes 3 confirmed: release date and new features

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 , the new and already confirmed installment of the war strategy video game saga, will finally arrive in 2022, as confirmed by its developers. Relic Entertainment (who have also created the new Age of Empires 4) announced the news together with SEGA -publisher- and released an exciting trailer . Company of Heroes 3 will be set in the Mediterranean Sea , but will repeat the historical events of World War II . Despite the fact that the trailer shows almost no gameplay, it can be deduced that the combat will continue to focus on street warfare. What the developers have commented on is the new variety of options and improvements that this installment will bring. In Relic and SEGA, they claim that it is the “deepest tactical experience to date” and boast of the use of Essence Engine 5 , the new graphics engine that allows advances such as the dynamic map.

Company of Heroes 3 Announced - IGN

What is the dynamic map?

The dynamic campaign map will allow players to command forces “by land, sea and air”, while generating supply routes while leading the way of the allied army. Since the Mediterranean is the focus of the action, in Company of Heroes 3 we will have the forces of Italy as our main enemy . Also new is full tactical pause , available for single player modes. This allows for “greater strategic control of the battlefield” by freezing all actions for greater coordination. In this way, you can analyze and think about each movement with less pressure. Certainly, this element takes away from the real-time nature of the game a bit, but it doesn’t make it a turn-based strategy title.

Minimum requirements

OS: Windows 10 64Bit
Processor: Intel i5 quad-core processor (8th Generation)
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 1060 or equivalent
Additional Notes: These are the specifications for the pre-alpha release and are not indicative of final system requirements.
Storage: 4 GB of available space
recommended requirements
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel i7 quad-core processor (8th Generation)
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 1070 or equivalent
Storage : 8 GB of available space
Additional Notes: These are the specifications for the pre-alpha release and are not indicative of final system requirements.

Release date and how to play now

Company of Heroes 3 will arrive sometime in 2022, but Relic hasn’t given a specific date yet. It is worth remembering that the title is exclusive to PC and will be available through Steam . From now on, the Valve store is offering a free preview version until August 2. There is still a very long 2022 left for us to enjoy Company of Heroes 3 on our computers. Relic has once again been crowned this 2021 as one of the best studios for the development of strategy titles and with the third installment of its war franchise, the Canadian studio wants to “put all the meat on the grill” without neglecting the pillars from the series In this case, Company of Heroes 3 resumes, as expected, its spectacular campaign mode, but seasons it with one of the game modes from Company of Heroes 2 : the Dynamic Campaign Map. According to David Littman, executive producer of this installment, in the new development journal, what in Company of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault was a game mode, in this third installment it will form an essential part of the campaign .

With the support of the community, Relic Entertainment has brought together the franchise’s signature RTS gameplay and Dynamic Campaign Map strategy to create a campaign where every decision on the part of the player will be decisive . We will face this Dynamic Campaign Map with an aerial view of the different areas of operations and we will be able to manage all the logistics of the battle. As they advance from the study, deploying the troops or knowing which building or plateau to take will be decisive for the good performance of the combats . It will not be as simple as launching into battle because, as Cameron White, the main designer of the game’s campaign map, comments, “this will give players the possibility to customize their army . If the player wants to opt for the air force, it will be enough with building a large take-off and landing base, and defending it at all costs.”

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