Google Ads: learn what it is and how to make effective ads

Google Ads

Advertising on Google or Google AdWords , is a paid advertising service that this Internet giant made available to companies that want to advertise on the Google search engine and its advertising networks. When a question arises and we want answers, the common thing is to go to the Internet and ask Google to show us, or rather to tell us who can provide us with that answer. If your brand has answers to the questions or needs of your potential customers, Google can ensure that when someone searches for what you are offering, it is your brand that answers their questions and solves their needs with their AdWords .

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How does advertising work on Google?

The key is in the Quality Score , which is determined by three aspects:

  • The expected click-through rate:The probability that the person will click on the ad.
  • Relevance of the ad:the ad offers an answer to what the person is looking for.
  • Landing Page Experience¹– The page is organized and helpful to users.

In other words, getting a high Quality Score will depend on whetherGoogle ‘s algorithm determines that the ad and the Landing Page it leads to are relevant and useful to the person who is viewing that ad. Every time a person does a Google search, anAdWords auction is created. Every advertiser that has a keyword that matches the search competes in this auction. How well an advertiser can do depends on their Ad Rank or positioning, which will be determined in direct relation to Quality Score and keyword match. The ads are published in the order of the positioning, so a brand pays for two things: a) to beat the positioning of the brand that is one step below and; b) for each time someone clicks on the ad.

What opportunities does Google Ads provide?

The first and most obvious answer is to get more customers. Advertising on Google can attract potential customers to the website, boost e-commerce or online sales, and lead the customer to contact the sales department directly, either by phone or online chat, for example. With Google AdWords it is possible to geographically segment the distribution of your ad. You can promote yourself globally, by country, region or specific city. At the same time make sure that people are interested in what you offer at the moment they see your ad, because after all they themselves expressed their interest when entering the search.

It also offers the opportunity to measure each step of the campaign. When Google advertises , it is possible to know how many times your ad was seen and how many times people clicked to go to your website. Google even offers to give you exact data on how many of those clicks turned into sales. When using AdWords the keywords also determine the cost of the ads. In the auction, mentioned above, you’ll be able to set a cost-per-click bid for your keyword, which is where you specify the maximum amount you want to pay for each time someone clicks on your ad. Google guarantees that no matter how many times your ad is shown, they will only charge you for the number of times your ad is clicked.

Advantages of advertising on Google

  1. First of all, advertising on Google allows us to very precisely segment the audiencewe want to see our ads and when they will appear.
  2. Secondly, it allows very detailed monitoring and analysis during the campaign. That is, it allows us to analyze the results of the campaign at all times (ROI and how our spending is going). In this way we can see which elements of the campaign can be improved.
  3. We spend our investment every time users click on our ad. We can check the cost per click or PPC.
  4. In addition, they can also be configured by impressionsor in another way.

Remarketing actions

Another of the advantages of advertising on Google is that it allows us to carry out remarketing actions, that is, the possibility of directing our ads to the public who have already visited our website or content at some time. Google advertising is done through the Google Adwords platform, so we can carry out remarketing actions through: 

  • Display remarketing, that is, through banners at the top, bottom, or to the sides of the results list.
  • It lets us do remarketing within Google searches.
  • In Youtube. We can also carry out remarketing actions through advertisements on YouTube, which can be skipped in a few seconds.

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